Human body has numerous hormones, and we already know a few of them and the effects associated. Moving beyond testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid, it is worthy to understand what it takes to maintain good hormonal balance in the body.Include more Omega 3 fatty acidsPolyunsaturated omega-3 fats are your best friend when you are seeking natural hormonal balance. Having said that- Keep in mind that most of the oils and foods that promise good omega 3 fatty acids aren’t actually good.

The best source is always oily fish, which should be consumed after the right level of cooking.More of brown foodsFoods like whole wheat bread and brown rice take time to digest and should be considered as a daily source of diet, replacing white pasta, white bread and white flour. White foods are high on refined carbohydrates, something you should be avoiding for enhancing the body metabolism.Reduce caffeine intakeA cup of black coffee early in the morning is just fine, but make a point to cut down coffee, aerated drinks and other drinks containing caffeine for rest of the day.

Caffeine is known to slow down the thyroid – the hormone responsible for complete metabolism.Eat the fruit, not the juiceAlright, you can argue that juice contains the entire fruit nutrients, but it cannot be denied that juices don’t have the fiber present in whole fruits. Instead of your junk snacks during the day, stick to the choice of whole fruits, which will keep the stomach filled and aid the hormone work in the body.Hormonal balance is much about your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine, and bettering all three does change all elements.Posted by Lisa Carmen 2/27/15