Bacterial infections, inflammation and allergies can all cause acne in adults and teenagers. Unfortunately, traditional makeup can irritate the condition. Luckily, mineral makeup, a new beauty trend, has been getting great reviews from people with adult acne. This new kind of makeup doesn’t start acne breakouts like other products.

Get the Real Mineral Makeup

One of the biggest reasons why mineral makeup is so popular is because of its purity. Most makeup uses chemicals and additives that can irritate the skin and actually cause a breakout. Mineral makeup consists of natural minerals that come from the earth. They have a much smaller chance of irritating the skin enough to cause a breakout. Some imitation mineral makeup contains talc and other fillers. Check the ingredients list to be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Get Samples First

When you are susceptible to adult or teen acne, the gentler makeup and beauty products are, the better. If you use a harsh product, you’ll break out easily. Gentle products are better. Luckily, most mineral makeup products are gentle. It’s a good idea to get a trial of products or small samples of foundation and face powder as a way to see if it is gentle and light enough for your skin. Many mineral makeup companies provide samples for free.

Easy to Clean

Another aspect that can cause acne is makeup that sticks to the skin. If the makeup is hard to remove, it has a higher chance of causing a breakout. Mineral makeup is good because it comes off easily just with a light facial cleanser or makeup remover. When choosing a facial cleanser, look for bottles that say “for sensitive skin” or “fragrance free.” These are not only good at removing mineral makeup, they are also gentle enough on your skin so they don’t cause acne.

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