The annual incidence of brain tumor is 7/100,000n population and it poses a risk of 0.6%. The metastasis from systemic cancer is 10 times more common than the primary malignancy of brain. It can occur in both males and females at any age. The most common form of primary malignant is malignant glioma. Diagnosis of brain tumors can be done with its symptoms as well as the imaging modal of the brain like the magnetic resonance imaging or the computed tomography.

The first step to diagnose the tissues is the conventional surgery.

This can even reduce tumor. This is not the solution of malignant brain tumors and some other type of adjuvant treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation follows it.  Not all the cases of brain tumor can be amended by conventional surgery for many reasons like locating the deep parts of brain with limited access to surgeries. It is also adjacent to some critical structures. It can also increase the risk of morbidity that occurs after surgeries like radiation or surgery.

Radiations like stereotactic radiosurgery in high dose scan help in metastasis of brain that is used in initial scene. Radiosurgery cannot cure primary brain tumors like glioma and the degree of failure varies on the basis of size of tumor and the dose of radiation. The patients who suffer from primary brain tumor as well as those who failed radiation of brain metastases have limited options and laser ablation can help in treating you.