According to two separate studies, mothers who were exposed to high levels of pesticides while they were pregnant, have children with lower IQ.

It appears that this difference in IQ can be spotted at school age.

Apparently pesticides like organophosphates, which kills all pests by attacking their nervous system, can also cause problems for pregnant women. Several years ago, scientists found that exposure of pregnant women to this pesticide cause lack of attention on their children! Now, scientists confirmed that exposure to the organophosphates, leads to lower IQ. Depending on a proportion of the mother’s exposure, child will have lower IQ.

One study followed hundreds of Latino mothers and their children in the Salinas Valley. Almost all of them worked on a farm or had someone in their family who worked. When these women were pregnant, scientist tested their urine for by-products of organophosphates. All of them had by-products. Their children at the age 7 had seven points lower IQ.

In the second study, scientists tested 265 Dominicans and black mothers and their children in New York. Researchers tested women levels of organophosphate chlorpyrifos in their blood. This chemical compound is banned for indoor use, but many people from low-income families are still using it! The researchers used the same test as in the California study, and discovered that children which mothers had high levels of chlorpyrifos, had lower IQ by three points.Detailed explanation of how pesticides effect on child IQ is still unknown, but several studies are trying to solve this mystery. I personally believe that this is the best reason for choosing organic food!