Every person like spring. You finally can go out and enjoy in warm weather. But, people who have seasonal allergies, don’t like this time of a year. Only in the US, 50 million people are allergy suffers. For many of them, allergies aren’t severe. They usually include: runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. In some cases, symptoms may get worse! Difficulty breathing and chest tightness means that you need medical attention. They may last one hour, and can return after some time.

Those symptoms are caused by the immune system reaction. During the spring, you may get in touch with mold or pollen. The immune system treats them as treats, and releases many chemicals, including histamine, in order to eliminate them.

You can use antihistamines in order to make allergy less severe, but shouldn’t be used long.

Elderly people who use them long-term may experience confusion, anxiety and inability to concentrate. Other side effects are: hallucinations, nightmares, fatigue and depression. Medicament’s like Nasacort are designed to be taken every day. They are very useful during the season when allergies are most common. In this case, you should pay attention to other medications you are taking.

Mixing some of them with Nasacort may cause internal damage or side effects.The best way to protect yourself is avoid going out in windy, dry weather. Air after a storm is especially dangerous because it contains allergens. If you avoid this and you remove pollen from your clothes and hair, and you keep your windows shut, but you still have symptoms, you must go to the doctor. It is important to share with him, when allergies started, symptoms, what makes them worse and etc.